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How increased revenue by 12% with is the classic single product shop.

It has its own strong branding,

a well-designed website,

and a highly converting funnel.

Being a single line of product, the up-sell statistics that the store managed to achieve were insufficient.

This fact increased Nisha's CAC, putting them at a less competitive position.

After adding to its funnel, Nisha started seeing an additional revenue stream. It turned out that Nisha's customers were interested in completing products after purchasing their paddle ball set.

Most of the customers were interested in sport and nutrition products.

Learning Nisha's connection to its partner products, Nilus' algorithms could then easily recommend the paddle ball set to highly relevant customers.

The exposure was relevant and highly converting.

Nisha has seen an increase in sales, coming directly from the Nilus network.

Aside from the increase in sales, the increase in site visitors has enabled the store to reach more people, retarget them, and convert them to extra sales.

Reducing the CAC for converting a lead.

Nisha is actually a very good example, but is not unique.

Many store owners have been experiencing similar results upon joining the Nilus network.

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