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AI-powered Advertising for Optimized Sales on Shopify

Are you struggling to convert your Shopify customer traffic to sales? Are you looking to optimize your product advertising through powerful and accurate data-driven strategies? Read on to learn about Nilus, a new addition to the Shopify app store that can boost low conversion rates and increase customer acquisition for your e-commerce store!

Data-driven Advertising with Nilus

Nilus is an advertising platform that provides targeted product recommendations to consumers at their point of post purchase. The Tel-Aviv-based ad tech company is revolutionizing cross-selling by combining the power of artificial intelligence with native ads to expertly recommend products to buyers just after they complete a purchase - a critical point in the buyer stage that sellers can capitalize on. As of 2020, Nilus has partnered with Shopify, a multinational e-commerce giant, to bring Nilus’ cutting edge advertising software to Shopify merchants within the United States and soon to be global. As a Shopify merchant, the software will advertise your products to potential customers in the Nilus network who are interested in the items that you’re selling, driving up your sales, and increasing your brand recognition.

According to, an American cloud-based software company, cross-selling can greatly increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. For business-to-business sales (B2B), effective cross-selling can help sellers to ascertain and maintain the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of their target audience, a key performance indicator that provides insight into a store’s growth and earnings potential as it relates to its relationship with its customers. By using data and analytics to study the shopping habits of your store’s potential buyers, (and making strategic post-purchase recommendations based on that research) Nilus helps to establish and solidify a CLV between your store and its customers.

How Nilus Works

As a Shopify store owner/merchant, search for the Nilus AI Powered Advertising app in the Shopify app store or click HERE to install (please read the requirements listed on the download page). If approved, Nilus will activate the configuration capability and your store’s products will be analyzed and displayed across the Nilus network. The Nilus widget will automatically be added to a store’s “Thank You” page. When a buyer makes a purchase through a Shopify store in the Nilus network, his/her “Thank You” page is optimized to show recommendations of the best “complementary” products from cross-stores within the Nilus network. Your store and products will be shown as recommended ads to buyers whose latest purchases and cross-web data indicate purchasing potential. Customers are thus driven to stores across the Nilus network with the best conversion probability.

In addition, Nilus provides a streamlined and efficient way to manage your products through your Shopify admin dashboard. The dashboard tracks the performance of all your products (impressions, clicks, purchases) with powerful real-time data analytics and store owners can preview their products as they are displayed across the Nilus network.

What Makes Nilus Different

The Nilus platform is driven by artificial intelligence, which means that its unique engine understands both your products and your customers. It combines product catalog data from different stores with consumer buying behaviors to deliver real-time, personalized recommendations., a leading publication in technology and information systems (IT), asserts that artificial intelligence is an integral part in the rise of “conversational commerce,” a fairly new concept that imbues the buying and selling of goods with rich customer experiences. These experiences are tailored and often informed by the buyer’s shopping habits, browsing history, likes, and dislikes. In other words, artificial intelligence has the ability to form a coherent picture using discrete data streams. Big retailers like Amazon have already capitalized on the power of artificial intelligence to personalize their customers’ home pages with highly accurate and relevant product recommendations.

Similarly, Nilus’ technology is poised to revolutionize marketing and advertising for e-commerce. With the accuracy and efficiency that standard marketing and advertising are often unable to meet, Nilus’ AI-powered software stands out as a key player. As stated in, “These days, with AI and machine learning, you have a software platform that is doing a lot of the work for you, steering more money towards audiences that are more likely to convert, and finding the best places to get your message in front of these buyers.” While standard advertising tactics often rely on manual processes to target consumers that cost business owners time, money, people, and resources, Nilus expertly taps into the power of augmented intelligence to deliver your products to a buyer who’s most likely to be searching for and interested in buying your item.

Unlike other players in the cross-selling and advertising industry, Nilus does not limit Shopify retailers’ product visibility to potential buyers by making them pay or earn points through a credit system in exchange for ad placements. Instead, Nilus offers unlimited opportunities for the store and its products to be seen by buyers who are at the point-of-post-purchase and statistically more inclined to make another purchase decision --- increasing conversion rates, transaction sizes, and customer engagements.

Request a Free Demo

Nilus is excited to give you a free demo of their cutting edge technology! Simply head over to and enter your brand’s name and an email address. Once you have completed filling out your information, a Nilus representative will contact you with the next steps. To explore how the app works today, click HERE to see what your Shopify app store could look like with Nilus’ software!

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